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Our Story

The Beast with Many Faces – Why the Ocean Demands Respect

a stormy sea and jagged rocks at Coumeenole Beach on the Dingle Peninsula

I was going to write this blog post about something else this week. It would have been on the topic of exploring the coast around Co Kerry or where we see Wild SUP Tours progressing to in the years to come. But something happened and it made writing about such things seem trivial and unnecessary…

Can We Reopen Wild Sup Tours After the Lockdown?

a woman looking out to sea with stand up paddleboards and mountains in the background

We have been chomping at the bit to get back out into the water paddleboarding. We were so looking forward to another season of Wild Sup Tours. We finally felt that all our hard work was starting to pay off and this season was going to get Wild Sup Tours to another level. Then someone…

A story about Ed Lacey: Co-founder of Wild SUP Tours

a man riding a wave on a surfboard in the ocean

My Mum always says that when she was pregnant with me during the summer of 1976, it was the hottest summer in years. She swam every day down at Sandybay beach without fail. She still maintains that that is why I love the water so much. She may well be right, but spending all of…

Stand Up Paddle Boarding, An Origin Story

green stand up paddle boards on the shore of lake gill

It all began in a different universe only five counties away. Pulled in to a layby on the side of a small country road sat the van, towing a rather precarious trailer full of luminous green SUP boards. It was the very same van you’d be accustomed to seeing at the Wild SUP Tours shed…

California, A Chance to Plug in with the Greater SUP Community

two people stand up paddle boarding in oceanside marina california

One of the benefits of owning a seasonal business is it gives you the chance to explore other places during the off season, and not just visit other places but actually live there, like a local for a time. This past winter we chose to go to California. We chose California, not only because it…

Why Am I Stand Up Paddle Boarding the Wild Atlantic Way?

a BIC earth stand up paddle board floating in glassy water loaded with large dry bags

Some of my fondest memories from my childhood are of my father reading bedtime stories to me and my brother. These weren’t just any old stories though. These were adventure stories! Our favorites were His Dark materials by Philip Pulman, The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, though the full list was much more…

Who Knew There Was So Much DIY in the Business of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

a man measuring wooden boards in front of a shed

a man angle grinding rust off a metal trailer Back when we were developing the ideas that would become the physical reality of Wild SUP Tours, we thought being mobile would be a great idea! So, we bought…