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About Us

Wild SUP Tours embarks upon exquisite small group, stand up paddle board adventures to the most breathtaking places in County Kerry. Whether you are a seasoned paddler or never set foot on a board we have an adventure for you!

Our certified instructors and lifeguards make sure you have every skill you need to explore these magical places with complete confidence.

​We provide all necessary equipment and instruct on the proper use of all. Our equipment includes a fleet of fast, sleek boards; warm, well maintained wetsuits; all the safety equipment, including life vests and leashes, to ensure successful adventures in any weather condition.

​Wild SUP Tours was founded in 2016 by Ed Lacey and Oona Tibbetts, both with a passion and understanding of the sea.

We believe that going the extra mile for our customers makes it that much more of a satisfying exhilarating experience. To date, we are very proud to have a 100% satisfaction rate and have developed an international tribe of wonderful paddlers from all walks of life.

Our Ethos

When on a stand up paddle board there is no smell of petrol, no noise pollution, and nothing between you and the wild. We’d like to keep it that way.

It offers a chance to be a part of that world (without disturbing it) that is so much bigger than our everyday lives. We have a passion for nature and conservation and we strive to do our part to help maintain it’s awe inspiring abundance.

Each and every time we venture out we strictly adhere to a ‘leave no trace’ policy. In our working practices, we approach each decision from a place of ecological and social responsibility.

Stand up paddle boarding is a non-intrusive, low-impact sport and we aim to apply that to all aspects of our business.