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Experience the wonders of SUP at night, watching the stars!

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Person Ages 18+
Group of 6+ | Per Person Ages 18+

Imagine stand up paddling under some of the best star gazing fields on the planet!

Experience the night sky like our ancestors did, only a whole lot better. The Kerry Dark Sky Reserve is the only gold tier reserve in the northern hemisphere and offers star gazing opportunities like no other. We are here to up the anti and give you the chance to experience these awesome sights in a truly magical way.

Imagine a clear, moonless night, barely a breath of wind, the warmth of a glowing fire nearby. However, the roasted marshmallows will have to wait because you have paddling to do! Suited up in a warm wetsuit, a soft glow emanating from beneath the waiting boards, you ready yourself to launch. Gliding out onto the glassy surface of the lake, the night sky blazing above in all it’s splendor, this is one of those moments you will never forget. It’s a gentle paddle, it’s a time to reflect, to soak in the majesty of the universe. After paddling back to shore, the kettle goes on, the marshmallows come out and the fire warms your chilled toes. With the small group of fellow paddlers relaxing around the fire, you get a real sense of what being connected to nature feels like.

This exclusive experience is a part of the Reeks District Big 5 challenge. Five ways to connect with nature, five different adventure sports, and five days to get put on the welcome center’s Wall of Fame. Or, you can enjoy this extraordinary night of star gazing on its own. Choosing instead to take the memory with you as you continue on your journey.

Either way, we look forward to welcoming you into our world.