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Wild SUP Tours

How to Read the Weather Conditions to Safely Enjoy Stand Up Paddling in Ireland

a group of kayakers and a stand up paddle boarder in Dingle Harbour

I recently read an article on how kayaking and paddle boarding were some of the best social distancing activities that you could do. You have a wide open area in which to play around and it is easy to stay 2 meters apart from everyone else. Another big advantage of being on a Kayak or…

Trapped on the Dingle Peninsula – How I’m Not Paddling the Wild Atlantic Way

underneath ceann sybeal in west kerry stand up paddle boarding in the ocean

The hardest part of this journey so far has been the time I have spent not paddling. I arrived on the Dingle Peninsula on May 23rd. I’m looking to continue my journey tomorrow on June 24th, but I may not get more than a day out of it. During that month on land, I have…

Stand Up Paddling the Southern Peninsulas, except Dingle – Week 2

I saw my first whale! I’ve seen dolphins and seals. I’ve even seen porpoise, but I’ve never seen a whale before last week. In all seriousness though, this section of the journey had moments of pure elation and moments of complete frustration. The wind has such a huge impact on whether…

Exploring the Dingle Peninsula on a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Board

west kerry beach with a sea stack in the background

On the odd occasion here in Ireland, you’ll get three magical things happening all at once. One, the wind dies off to nothing but the lightest breeze. Two, The swell drops to the smallest of rises. Three, The sun comes out. When this happens there is only one place to be, on a stand up…

Who Knew There Was So Much DIY in the Business of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

a man measuring wooden boards in front of a shed

a man angle grinding rust off a metal trailer Back when we were developing the ideas that would become the physical reality of Wild SUP Tours, we thought being mobile would be a great idea! So, we bought…