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Stand Up Paddle

Self Rescue Techniques for Stand Up Paddle Board Touring

a person holding a sign

You know summer is right around the corner when Lidl brings out an inflatable stand up paddle board for only €300. While being great exposure for the sport, it also means that anyone can buy a cheap board without having to speak to anyone who actually knows what they are doing. It sounds like a…

How to Read the Weather Conditions to Safely Enjoy Stand Up Paddling in Ireland

a group of kayakers and a stand up paddle boarder in Dingle Harbour

I recently read an article on how kayaking and paddle boarding were some of the best social distancing activities that you could do. You have a wide open area in which to play around and it is easy to stay 2 meters apart from everyone else. Another big advantage of being on a Kayak or…

A story about Ed Lacey: Co-founder of Wild SUP Tours

a man riding a wave on a surfboard in the ocean

My Mum always says that when she was pregnant with me during the summer of 1976, it was the hottest summer in years. She swam every day down at Sandybay beach without fail. She still maintains that that is why I love the water so much. She may well be right, but spending all of…